• Diaper Rash to Relief — Fast

    By soothing irritated baby bottoms, Dr. Smith’s® makes diaper rash one less stress for parents.

  • New look, same great results

    New look, same great results
Diaper Rash Ointment

Diaper Rash Ointment

Eliminate diaper rash fast

Diaper Rash Spray

Diaper Rash Spray

Easy, touch-free application

Dr. Smith’s spray gets the job done without leaving my baby or me a mess. It’s a staple on my changing table!

Molly C.

It’s the only thing we use – clears it up overnight! We love this stuff.

Krystal W.

We have been using Dr. Smith’s for years. It got both of my kids through diapers and potty training. We love the new spray. So easy and less mess!

Traci S.

Words can’t express how perfect Dr. Smith’s Diaper Rash Spray is! No more messy hands and less crying time for fussy babies who fight you through the diaper changes.

Stepfanie C.

I’m a believer! After years of using another product, we made the switch to Dr. Smith’s and we’re amazed with the results!

Meredith T.

The best product ever. I’ve used it on all of my children over the last five years.

Cynthia V.

My favorite product.

Kathy L.

This is one of those, "Why didn't I think of that?!" items. I used to hate getting diaper cream all over my hands, then the baby, then trying to find something to wipe my hands on while still holding baby. With this I just spray it on, fasten the diaper, and off we go!

Aquila V.

This stuff is the BEST for cloth diapers. No mineral oils to stain or repel, and when his little bottom is sore, I don't have to make it worse my touching the area. He actually laughs, instead of crying. Incredible stuff!

Gwen B.

Nothing works better for our kids than Dr Smith’s! We even use it when our legs get chafed and it works great!

Karen A.

Our pediatrician gave us Dr. Smith’s and it’s all I will use! I love it. It is light and gentle yet still takes care of a rash within 24 hours. Nothing else works for us like it does.

Jennifer V.

I have been using Dr. Smith’s for years and it is my most recommended product for moms. It works super quickly and I love the spray! My oldest son even asks for it by name!

Tori J.

I love that it doesn’t get all over my hands, and it works so fast! I’m never getting another kind, seriously!

Paula R.

Absolutely my favorite baby care product ever. No messiness when dealing with diaper cream during the diaper changes. My husband LOVES it. Recommend it to all my friends, fellow moms and patients.

Lani D.

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Where to Buy

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